Largest Map?

Hey all,

I’m interested in playing with multistage rockets in Garry’s Mod. Does anyone know of the largest available map?


bigcity… That’s the biggest one my friend has and he has had G-Mod for like 2 years.

Freespace is not the biggest but it has a tall sky (lol) so you can launch your rockets. :] Its a pretty good map choice if you ask me.

Thanks for the responses, Freespace is huge!

Is there a map that is just the largest possible size for the engine?

Or does anyone have a suggestion for teleporting the rocket to the bottom of the map when it hits the top while maintaining momentum and all that?

Atomic is friggin huge, plus it’s got a lot of content, not just empty space.

gm_wireconstruct_m scales you down, so it seems incredibly large, but props aren’t scaled down (yet) so you’ll have to make really small rockets (soda can rockets, maybe?)

Interesting, I’ll check out both Atomic and gm_wireconstruct_m

Empty space is exactly what I’m looking for though

gm-hughfuckingocean, holy santa-clause shit its beyond endless.

gm_area51_rc1 is pretty big, even has an underground that is also huge. There’s even a missile launch area!

One thing I’m noticing with these giant maps is that most of them have some kind of large underground or under water segment. Is there a map available that is literally just the largest possible cube with no extra areas or anything?

You could make that map pretty easily in hammer, massive cube, hollow it out, spawn point. wallah.

No skybox?

Nobody said it had to be fancy.

Haha, if it comes to me learning how to use Hammer I suppose I’ll have to but I kind of thought that by now someone would have made a level that was just the maximum size with a nice skybox.

for the teleporting thing, the Asgard Transporter (in the Stargate Addon) keeps the targets momentum [found this out when I had 10HP, and was falling to the ground. Used an Asgard I made earlier to save me. I was teleported a little off the ground (around jumping height), and died on impact…]

Just search on for flatgrass, and look for one you like. They’re almost always full map size.

I really recommend Atomic. While there is a lot of content, to the left and right of the map there’s huge spans of desert which could be used for building or whatever.

These are all great suggestions but I feel like I may not have been clear…

I need a map with the largest amount of space in all three dimensions. Ideally it would be a cube that is the exact limit of what the engine supports. Several of the suggested maps have been quite spiffy and as large as possible horizontally, but with large underground areas and/or limited ceilings. Vertical space is the key here.

I understand that it would probably not be too tricky to make this in Hammer myself but I have no experience with Hammer so it would be quite difficult for me. Would any of you kindly gmodders care to make my giant cube level, maybe even with a skybox? :smiley:

gm_flatgrass_massive is as big as source allows and is flat besides the building.