LAS RUSTIFIED's new establishment: Queen Newman Casino

Come on down to ♕Queen Newman Casino♕ on the **Rustified **server! We have heated floors and the best food around! Plus Live music!

Need materials? Take a chance with our table games: BlackJack & Rust Roulette!

Need a job? We pay in weapons/frags for x amount of time working door and roof security.

How it works:
Getting started:
You bring whatever materials you want to gamble and go to our exchange counter in the casino. You turn the materials into the casino currency (charcoal) and use that to gamble. Everyone will go through a security check so no outside charcoal or weapons/tools will be allowed. After you are done you can exchange x amount of charcoal for the materials of your choice. (Example: 1 sulfure ore = 3 charcoal. 1 metal ore = 2 charcoal. 1 stone = 1 charcoal.)
As of right now we are at limited space for the games and are waiting to move into our new building. (after wipe) Max of 4 in BlackJack (for now, players vs house) and 2 in RR. To gamble you head to a table and let the dealer know you want to play. There will be a chest for each available seat that is locked with a key. (One for the dealer and one for the player at that seat) This is for bidding and money exchange between that player and the dealer and to prevent tampering from spectators or other players. Once the player acknowledges he received the key, the game begins! The player will place a bid into the chest and the cards will be dealt. (I’m running a casino simulator to make things quicker than me shuffling decks irl) For RR, because it’s a altered version of actual roulette, I’m using a randomized number site that rolls the desired range of numbers.
Coming soon: Texas Hold’em. After the wipe I will be introducing Texas Hold’em into the casino. Mini-Tournaments will be held for Bp’s and larger prizes. And will be available for casual play as well. Screen shots of the place below. (it’s not finished but i halted construction until the update comes out.)



upper level

just in case

Floor Heating to keep you warm in the snowy night!

that is pretty dank

hah thanks. no one seems too interested in actually trying out the games. what can i say, rust has jaded people lol.