Laser Pointer Receiver issues.


When i play in a friends server, laser point receivers work fine, i can wire them to make auto turrets etc.

BUT… whenever i try to create anything with a laser point receiver it spawns fine, but it has no options, and apparently ends up being a nill value?

What could it be? i’ve got fully updated Wire blabla, so i have no idea whats wrong.

CHECK this screenshot.

EDIT: I’ve also reinstalled gmod and put in ONLY wire, and it still does not work.

Please do post any suggestions.

Regards, Ryan.

By fully updated do you mean the SVN?


And is that single player you’re in?

Yeah it is single player, and i downloaded the things from GLUA, few days back, but… i dont know how to update all my mods through SVN.

The problem you’re having is that the version you have is broken, and the one on your friend’s server isn’t.

What you need is the SVN so you can stay up to date, and there’s a simple addon manager to help with that:

awesome, thanks ever so much.


Humm… that thing wont update binaries so thats cancelled that one out… =/