Laser Puzzle in VR - Physicality in VR

Hi guys! I know S&box is mostly flatscreen currently. But this was fun. I’ve been fiddling around with Source 2 level aesthetics for a while. This test isn’t exactly visually stunning, but demonstrates an interesting possibility for VR/Non VR players. In someways it could be a deathrun inspiration where a non vr character is in charge of certain traps and the VR player is in an “escape room” or something similar. In this example, lasers. This concept is early. and isn’t scaled for multiplayer but demonstrates some interesting physical movement puzzles.

This was done with trigger hurts over wall toggles with a lot of scripting. There is room for improvement in the scaling of this concept, but I figured I’d throw it out there as it turned out fun!

Link to Video


This mechanic looks really cool! I could imagine a million uses for this. I think it will be interesting the dynamics we’ll see between VR and PC in terms of gameplay like this.