Laser Sight

Laser Sight its not working…

Replace the batteries

We need batteries ??

There’s a laser sight? How about sharks, with friggin lasers?

Laser sight are working “press F” without set flashlight.

You can t even place them on the guns

how many fragments did it cost or did you just find the bp?

Yo, does the 30% only affect hip or 30% on ADS as well?

For some players on my server it does attach to weapon. I cant do it though

Weapons that were in the game BEFORE the update only have 2 upgrade slots for suppressor and holosight. Any guns found / built after the update will have 3 slots and be able to take the laser.

So clearly the updates out, why haven’t they posted a devblog? -.-

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Nevermind, was my internet being dodgy.