Laser STOOL 2.0

That’s what I meant! …Sorta.

How about both :love:?

What would be sweet, is if a magnifier lens SENT was made. One that once the laser goes through, it doubles in size and damage!

That isn’t a bad idea but no one is gonna make it i guess.


I thought that would make a “focused beam”. I have yet to see sun going through a telescope to make a huge laser. A small laser, yes, a death-star beam, no.

I was just using this and making a cool satellite thing when all of a sudden…ENGINE ERROR: No free edicts!
I only had some mirrors, a laser, and 3 PHX props…

I want those lasers in wire! But not for killing but for type of ranger. Which don’t show length between prop and ranger. Only detect if someone pass the beam.

Please, fill me in with info, where did you find that little ball?? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Because it’s not in the sents


And By The Way, how do you change the bounce emount? At The Moment it only bounces at four to one laser

Edit the file Laser STOOL 2/lua/entities/gmod_laser/shared.lua and change the value at line 19.


:siren: I uploaded the fix for the two known bugs (look the first post) :siren:
Link :
You must have downloaded and installed the Laser STOOL 2 in order to use this, just extract to your addons folder and say YES if it asks you to overwrite folders!

I’m leaving soon, and I will be back around August 18. So report bugs here, suggest new features, and I’ll try to add them when I come back :smiley:

Sadly it’s just a helibomb with a changed material. The wide laser comes from a small emitter inside the ball.

Thanks for fixing the bug with the props - another Lua King!

So you did release it? I was waiting for this. King’d.

I love SVN versions, but as you post updates rarely it wouldn’t be necessary. Lua King! Not god, because it’s a bit simple, but that doesn’t mean that it’s easy. Keep doing these addons, I love them. Thank you!

Oh, and some light modificators, like magnifier lents would be good too. (But a magnifier or make the light smaller and harder or make bigger and weaker…)

Sadly :frowning:

But it still looks awesome :D!

suggestion…make the mirrors have a wire output for whether they’re reflecting lasers at a given time. then you could do fancy looking tripwires and laser alarm grids…that don’t just outright kill people.

sound cool?

also, for epic wins and awesomesauce in a spraybottle,
if anyone remembers the game C&C Generals…I see potential for a Particle Cannon network in Spacebuild…forget ion-cannons. anyone who can calculate the angles involved in multiple mirrors to reflect a giant laser beam from straight up from the planet, to straight down to the target, via more than two satellites…automatically…is a true WIRE GOD.
I’m going to go try that. if I do it, I’ll post a vid on youtube and allow you to kiss my feet and hail me as your god.:slight_smile:


Was the necessary?

It should bounce off any prop with the cubemap material.

For some reason, the laser doesn’t break wooden crates or anything, it just makes the noise. Please fix it! (Please!!)