Laser Tag EXTREME EDITION|268:268&composite-to%3D*%2C*|268%3A268&background-color=black

A simple gamemode to play laser tag! The base of the code is Garry’s Murder Party.

Whenever a player is killed, they turn 50% transparent and are stripped of their weapons for 7 seconds. The person who killed them gains $250.

The game needs a little bit of balancing but that will have to come in an update soon!

Disclaimer: Not actually that extreme lol. I just added it because I didn’t want it to be generically called “Laser Tag”.




Required Addon:


Weapons are based on Select’s Laser Tag guns and use his laser effect but slightly modified to support different colors for each team.

Buy Menu

The game comes with a CS:GO-like buying menu. Players can bring it up at any time by pressing or holding the Q key.

To purchase a weapon, click on the name.


There are a number of settings you can change when you host the gamemode:

  • Red Team Player Model
  • Blue Team Player Model
  • Warp-Up Time in Seconds
  • Time Limit In seconds
  • Money per kill
  • Respawn Time In Seconds
  • Friendly Fire


As someone who plays this IRL this is really cool.

This look awesome! Good work

Thanks guys <3

I’m off to bed now but I’m going to be doing some adjustments tomorrow afternoon. Primarily adding a little icon over your team mate’s head and balance some of the weapons.


Added names over player’s head and flashes +1 points when you kill someone!|637:358&composite-to%3D*%2C*|637%3A358&background-color=black

Oh so this is the mode I randomly found. It’s alright, but I would suggest you invest some time in a respawn system. It could be as simple as setting up a few “spawnpoints” around the map and spawning the player into the spawnpoint furthest away from an enemy. Camping alive players, spawning in, and getting a free KO is too easy.