Laser Trip Mine

Could anyone create SWEP that is attached to the world (Like C4) and emits a laser 25 Feet give or take, in one direction acting as a “trip wire” and if someone crosses the beam, it detonates?

Omg you want a weapon that alread exists? You deserve a Fail.

I dont want it spawned via a Stool

impulse 101…

Assuming op does not know about the hl2:dm slam in gmod
Do you know half life 2 deathmatch,right?
There’s a weapon in hl2:dm that is already imported in gmod,if you have it mounted you can just use the command “give weapon_slam” or use just a lua script to do that.
Also,half life 2 deathmatch is free with the ati/nvidia offer,just click this link if you are an ati user click here or if you are a nvidia user click here
For more information about the SLAM,follow this link

Thanks for the explantion!