Laser Warfare on a Bridge

I dunno. Pew pew.


:v:? :saddowns:?

Nice. But it doesn’t have many soldiers… What map did you use?

Check the link to the original.

The disintegrated dude at the right made me lol.

Oh that is kickass! Nice to see something original.
I’m particularly liking the charred corpse on the left. I agree with Deri about there not being a great deal of soldiers, but then many more lasers would turn my screen incandescent.
I’d like to see more of this sort of stuff.

The soldier on the left’s rear foot is at a strange angle and isn’t flat.

Other than that, perfect, from what I can tell.

Hm I thought you were going to do more work on this before you posted it.

The effects are pretty good but really cartoony, maybe even more so than your editing style earlier this year. It doesn’t really look like you did much with the lighting either.

Good work overall though.

Fuck, my skill is downgrading.

Really, all of them?

Pretty much. They’re all kinda sharp or perfectly round and mega colourful. It’s not bad as such, just not my taste I guess.