Last Breath

Xmas eve, a lonely recent widow wonders in the street.
He sees his recently deceased wife, and starts to lose his mind on this unfaithful eve.


This video was made for the Christmas challenge.

Have a merry Christmas, even if your atheists (like me, but we can still celebrate it damn it!)

I wish you had spent more time on the ending, it was kinda typical, and I think you could’ve added more into that last scene.

I think the idea was far from generic.
but this is a disagree disagree situation, lets not bother to argue over it.

No, no, the idea was far from generic, indeed, but the ending was typical were he just sat down with a gun and immediately shot himself.

point taken, but the main topic was suicide, and i think a shot to the head always suffices.

I was waiting for a ending scene were he rejoined his wife, you know ghost like. Well it was good anyway, dark, but good.

I thought of that, but i am not a pacifist so i rather end it on a sad, dark stylistic way.

well its a dark conclusion with a happy twist for christmas ;D


You didn’t just say fumples hopes for a higher hope for this art form right…


couldn’t you of just pmed me this?
but hey mushy movie= a mushy thread.

I agree with LetsGroove. The ending, although dark and suitable, was a bit too literal for my taste. I would have used something other than the body shot. Maybe a family photo of the two, zooming out (like The Shining)

I also really appreciated the use of the camera in the shovel scene, where it switched to an odd angle to show that it wasn’t his wife. However, the relation of a shovel to your wife is kind of strange…

I’d say 4/5, the ending hurt it a bit.

[Edit] Scoutking, quit it with that shit, I don’t do anything to you and you’re still being immature about it.

hes hallucinating… you obviously are sane(ish) he sees his wife in a pool of blood, he interprets his wife into anything that’s why he went crazy.


can we get a word from our “sonsors”

Ok, we literlay JUST got done talking about that 5 posts up, and here was scoutking’s response,

And scout i started watching it without reading the title, and i saw him staring at a shovel and it turned into a person and all i could think was “its about detrophilia, isn’t it…” then i caught on…

Hey its not my meaning 100% interpretation is required with my movies.

I don’t care, if he’s a pacifist, and that’s how he wants to make the movie, he is allowed to do that, but that doesn’t DISALLOW me to comment about it as well. There is absolutely no need for you to complain. Report me if you have a problem.

both of you idiots shut up, if you all must know, in my last 5 video posts ive started to disregard alot of comments because all you guys have to say is either useless or bickering.
Take it up into a chat you two.

also im a anti-pacifist, IE I approve of war, i am by definition a “warmonger”

Ouch, ill stop pointing Fumples out in threads not started by him if you want. And I never bothered to give you a hard critiq on your videos because you seemed like a guy who wouldnt care, if you want them just let me know.

No i don’t want you to stop pointing him out, do that as you wish, but there is a cut off limit, and you reached it, your going into a risky area i ventured in.

The concept matched the reality… and the song at the end made me cry…

ScoutKing you should really stop trying to be a bitch to Fumples at every opportunity. Shit gets old