Last chance, Francis...

So, this is my first try ever at adding effects in to a screenshot.
I used GIMP. The bullet holes on the garage door are GIMP’d
The scar on his head is GIMP’d and so is the bullets hole in his arm,
and all the blood is GIMP’d aswell. I didn’t do it by adding photos from google.
I used the paintbrush tool, blur, burn, and dodge.

I hope this is decent for a first time editing

If you look closely,then you can tell the blood and scar are gimped.But the bullet holes look like they were meant to be there.I think you did really good for a first time :smiley:

Tried making another in GIMP

This time I got the flash and the bullet wound from google images and cut it out and pasted, you know the drill.
Except I had a hard time finding a picture that would help show the blood coming out of the wound so I just made a crappy paintbrush
one. If someone could help me find things like that I’d be thankful because this picture isn’t all that good.

That blur is bad.

half-strike 4 dead?

Did you turn up your texture resolution before you took the screenshot? If not, you should, the wall and rail near the zombie look pretty bad, the left side has awesome lighting, but the right is completely flat and rather boring.

I always at all time in garrysmod have all my graphical setting maxed.