Last dawn of man

HOLY CRAP. Looking at the thread title this seemed shit, but OH MY GOD ITS SO AWESOME

Dude, this thread really needs thread music to give it the right feel, I was listening to some gay swedish techno crap from a youtube vid when I clicked this.

Awesome fucking picture dude, nothing else to say.

sorry…maybe i could find appropriate music…but i think the best sound will be the silence^)

Real good dude, title is corny though :v:

I thought this kinda fit

Fucking great picture. Feels like 28 weeks later.


I think it fits perfectly! :3:

Becouse it’s fucking cool to save a zombie.

I prefer this.

In this picture she’s simply a dead girl

rofl @ her chest

I see it naow :smug:
Picture is cool.

[sp]Is there any reason why the guy in the Haz-Mat suit has a boner?[/sp]

Wow, kewl pic.
Awesome Hazmat suit as well.

The blur around the guy and the zombie chick doesnt look that nice.
And the glow on some parts of the zombie chick is weird(IMO that is because you didnt isolated when you did the lights).

On the other hand the background is awesome the pose is really nice and the other lights in general are cool.

Not bad. Quite atmospheric. Nice prop-placement too.

link to model? :3:


Reminds me of that T.V. movie that came out on A&E a few years ago. I think it was called The Andromeda Strain or something.

My thread music :buddy:
I think its fitting but w/e

Looks awesome.

Fire? Man walking dramaticly? Death? I HAVE IT!

My music wins.
Your pictures wins an un-freakin believable.