Last Episode of My Mini-Rust Series (We get raided)

what is that in your hand? a new texture of the the 9mm? Havent played the game for weeks

It’s a Handcannon. From my experience you’d have better luck killing someone with a hatchet lol

that guy was too happy about that shotgun.


funny video though.

This hurts to watch.

Then don’t watch. WTF

“Sickest flashlight in the world”


Excited about leather, shotgun, arrows. Says it all.

i want a vid from that person who was excited about that shotgun!

Such vehemence in his words, it makes me giggle with glee.

It takes forever for me to cut and render these videos, before the DDOS we set up a full metal base and have access to a lot. I’ll make an update video if our shit is still there.

You need to shut that kid up, he’s acting like he has never seen a shotgun before.

I think i lasted to around the two min mark. You guys should at least wait until your balls have dropped before posting vids…

This shotgun is legit

No, fuck you ;; Never again, I never want to hear those words again ;;

hehe i do not blame you

Who says I’m not a women? Trapped in a man’s body?

Scrubs killing scrubs, not very entertaining.

That shotgun is legit!

Saddest part of all is that there was no way that was a legit raiding party. No one EVER bulrushes with gear that good (second attempt), its just not logical… Its really hard to get the gear they had and the fact they just re geared and rushed you again proved something was bogus•