Last Few Moments


Based on that Terminator mod… thingy… as in… rendering… stuff… yeah.

No idea what is going on here, I like the colors tho, for some reason.

As for the shooting, idk if the guy is supposed to be shooting the other guy, but if he is. If you wanted realism, the bullet would show before the muzzleflash, not the other way around.

If you are getting shot, you wouldn’t even hear the gunshot, nor see the flash. And at such close range, without a doubt, the bullet would have almost, or begun penetrating before the flash appeared.

Not enough glow.

Nah he’s shooting away at combine you can’t see. :stuck_out_tongue: But myeah. I didn’t really want to go for realism but just wanted to put lots of lens effects and stuff in it. Yeah bit overkill but i liked the colors in this.

Yeah, glow.

Muzzle flash seems a bit off, but okay.

Where are they, a gay club?

white man with black hands? what is this witchcraftery

Acid trip in a warzone? I’d die like that.

Gloves are so uncommon! Nice picture, it’s a break from the realistic grey/brown/orange pictures.

They’re fingerless gloves.

It’s Mirt, the Rebel mechanic that’s motor oil probably.