- Over-head display

This is will display what you’re listening to by using’s API.
It’s serverside - the server downloads the info every 20 seconds and then sends it to the clients.

How to use it:

  • Open the configuration menu; where you can input your username.

Input your username. Click “Check”, then apply.

Now what you’re listening to will be displayed above your head!

Awesome. Glad to see you whipped it up so fast.

Wow this is awesome!

Can someone explain exactly what is for me? Sorry I’m an idiot. is an internet radio and music community.

One suggestion I have;
Many various HUD and informational addons use ‘above head’ or ‘next to’ or ‘in front of’ player viewpoint information bubbles like yours.
Perhaps some type of tool or weapon could be written to “select” a player and find out what they’re listening to (with the same bubble you’re using now or a new GUI screen pop-up)

I’ve been to some servers that the admin hosting it seemed to be a bit over zealous with information about players. Could hardly see to build if another player got nearby trying to help or just look.

You can change the position of it, if it’s in the way.
Use the commands:

Now this is cool. It’s also very sleek. Nice work.

Now I really wish Last.FM was still free. :sigh:

Dumb question, where would i get :c

Also, is there a mod that allows users to listen to radio stations ingame, clientside.

  1. Open browser
  2. Enter URL exactly as displayed:
  3. Kick yourself.

Open browser in gmod or on my computer…?
Kicking myself doesn’t help.

  1. Click this link:
  2. Register.
  3. Download.

Oh. I get it now. Sorry for the hassle guys.

Also, does anyone know of a radio that i could use on my dedi server where you type “!radio” in chat and a radio menu pops up with different radio stations and such to listen to.