Last Heroes Standing Ads

Here’s the most recent of the LHS ads.

WARNING: These are my first poses.


why are your graphics so terrible

why is the posing so shit

why do i care

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Graphics need upping
As above stated LHS? I assume a clan
Posing is bad, use face and finger posing too

I agree with DARMA
Also why are the heck of the body parts pic has different classes of gibs???

What in the cock gobbling hell?

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Terrible posing, edited in paint, terrible graphics, nothing special.

It’s really just you boasting about some unheardof “clan”.

You are the last person that should be talking about getting a new computer mate, yours cant even handle good graphics…

Oh and this kind of propaganda will only get people away from your clan, this is just wrong.

Bad posing.
PAIN editing.
At least i didn’t saw any spelling issues.

Read the first thread of this section before posting any pictures any time sooner.
OR read this one -> It will help you to understand why people are bashing your pics.

I understand some of yourcomplaints guys, but very few. One, the graphics in my pics are no different than any others. Really, I can’t see a difference. Two, you must admit at the very least that the brotehrs in arms thing was kind of cool. Three, how do you use the friggin’ face poser. IT NEVER WORKS FOR ME. Please help. Those were all my first poses.


It isn’t a clan and meant not to boast. I apologize if that is what you thought I did.


The different classes thing was translating how the entire Steam Community gets parts, not just one class within the clan. Sorry if that didn’t get across to you.


Once again I don’t get the graphics thing. My comp works fine and the only flaw is the sound is buggy…and doesn’t work at all. xD But not the point. I need to know what’s the graphics problem.


I understand the finger posing thing. I’ll work on that.

Those are bad graphics. That’s good graphics.
Two, no, it’s not that cool.
Three, look up tutorials on google.

Thanks for the help on three. I have however been told the Brothers in Arms thing was cool. Not on this forum however. Different forum.


First poses.


People have joined recently. We’re up to 30 members. Small, but a good start for the group. :slight_smile:

Image tags. Use them.

Yeah I used image hosting. My bad. I dunno how the [IMG] tags work. Newb on forums. Need help. Sorry to all these are my first poses EVER.


It wasn’t edited in paint…it was photoshop. xD Anyhow, LHS is not unheard of and I wasn’t boasting. We’re at thirty one members as of last night and still growing.

Should have read this before posting:

Thanks for the help. Remember guys these were my first poses. I’ll get better but these weren’t exactly my “pro league” poses.