Last Man In The City - Man hiding from tripods

Joazzz's alternative edit(I found the eye glow to be too much):
Models are available here:

If Joazzz fucking edits your picture you fucking include it instead of the original.


What’s up with these “hiding from tripods” poses lately?

Why? Both edits are equally underwhelming. If the OP prefers his version then I’d say he should post it.

No need for the language. You might wanna try and dislodge your member from Joazz’ anus too.


The posing looks a bit stiff but the fingerposing is good. Not sure what use that pipe is gonna be.

My penis is in no ones anus except yours.

Tight, bro.

Yeah i am greatful for Joazzz’s edit but i’d like to display the original.

That dude lacks hiding skills.

Yeah i know. That’s why there’s now nobody left in the city :V

My name has been mentioned four times in this thread already. :woop:

I missed a z though.


This thread is now about the Z’s in Joazzz’ name.

I typed Joazzz’s name correctly one time without looking it up

Can we get the thread back on track?

Six times! :woop:

well then, uhhh is there a reason its 3 z’s instead of 4 or 2? I mean why choose an odd number when you can have an even one?

This is a question that needs to be answered.

How dare you :colbert:


I should change name to Zzzeraxxx just to upset y’all.

Well its pretty boring, the sky is really bland, could’ve posed the asspods looking in different directions to make it look like they are searching for him.

Really shines your immaturity when the first thing you imagine seeing that is a pair of buttocks.