Last Night...

So. On East Coast Large 3, last night, there was an error that did not allow myself or anyone in my crew to log in.
Despite this, the sever was relatively close to full, meaning that who knows what and why this bug existed. However, it affected me in Colorado, a friend in Washington, and another in California.
Regardless, upon logging in today everything we have is gone. Our three homes, very large secure homes, we’re C4’d to dust, INCLUDING PILLARS. Which I assumed was impossible, and I’ve been told is.
SO! Due to a networking error, we’ve lost all of our progress, which is how Rust works and I understand that. I’m not upset THAT I’ve lost everything, I’m upset by the methods WHICH I’ve lost everything.
I lost eveything due to a networking error that affected who knows how many few people. Not to mention, due to the games horrendous lag, I can’t even get into a gunfight without freezing and rubberbanding.
I’ve learned to take advantage of this to kill people, and it’s sad that it’s an option. If I’m chasing someone and they begin to rubber-band, I shoot their lagged out still model and they die.

Alpha is not an excuse for this. Many of you like to say, considering the game is in an alpha state, they’re issues that you just have to deal with.
That’s true, but only in the sense of CONTENT. Networking errors like this, lag that’s so strong it can be and has been abused, that’s not an excuse due to alpha.

Rust has sold at least 30,000 copies on steam, which can be seen by the steam stats page. It’s sold thousands more than that prior to it’s release on steam.
This company has made At least half a million dollars on this alpha project, so truthfully, I can’t understand why these networking issues are not the first things to deal with.

Rust Dev’s, we cannot test your game properly if the servers are not available, if they crash constantly (east coast does, anyone there will tell you the same), and if the lag is so strong that it hinders one of the main facets of Rust’s gameplay. Please, stop working on revolvers. Stop adding more guns. First make the game truly testable, so that those of us who play this game hardcore already, despite it being alpha, can give you the feedback you need.

I love this game to death. I was fucked due to networking errors. It brings to light the lag related issues.
With the money made my this Dev team, I think Networking needs to be prioritized over content.

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What makes you think that this is a networking issue? It sounds like the server was wiped or possibly rolled back… You say to not blame the fact that it’s an alpha but that is likely the root cause. Lag has been an issue on the official servers for quite some time, maybe try playing on a community server instead, I rarely see lag or any network related issues at all. Quite frankly, I think a player cap higher than 100 is a bad call, not only is the game itself much more difficult to play but that seems to be where I notice the most lag and roll-backs and other things like that.

I see lag the lag constantly, i take advantage of the rubber banding often.Seems like a networking issuse seeing as many other players had the same issue last night (check the forums). If it was a roll back, alot of the structures out in the field wouldent look the same or even be there, yet they there they stand untouched and bigger then they were before i was disconnected last night.

I hope they can roll it back to about 9pm central 25 Dec2013