Last of the Wave (Clot tumbling.)

The fact that Level up update came out might or might not have something to do with these KF poses :v:

Was the zombie shot and falling down, or is he about to be shot to be shot and just leaning back? Nice posing and editing though.

Well i thought the gaping hole on the back of its head would be kinda obvious. Plus the reloading posture of the guy, and the motionblurred casing.

Hehe, didn’t scroll over all the way to the right. Shell casing wasn’t very visible though, took me a couple seconds after saying it was there to find it.

Very good

Looks great, though, I would expect a little more blood and a hole in the front of the head too. He just got shot in the head at point-blank with a rifle, after all…

Reloading and shooting at the same time would not be logical, so the posing is defendable. Like the fact that you used a Winchester. Lever-action looks cooler when eradicating the undead plague:)

Loving the rifle model and the cocking action. Nice work.

Awesome posing and lighting, especially on the human dude. Although it could use some smoke coming out of the back of the clot’s head to make it more obvious that he had been shot.