Last remaining operator of the 44th GRU Hazard Unit deep in Pripyat

C&C? I’m not a fan of the muzzleflash.

Zombies in Pripyat?

Sweet mother of God…

Turn off the light someone!
It ruins the atmosphere.


Pros: The posing is OK, although there’s something that just does not look right with the dude laying down. . . I don’t know what it is, but it’s bugging me.

Nice idea, and nice models.

Cons: Muzzle Flash is cheap an the slide isn’t even back nor is the gun ejecting shells. (you should have that checked out, it could lead to gun herpes).

Also, it seems that the room is too bright. . . You could however, (i think) place a lamp with the color set to black and try that.

And how did the guy on the left die? There is no zombie within range to kill him, and judging from how he fell, he had to have been standing up.
Oh, and that zombie closest to “the last survivor” just has a his bottom half. . . Where’s the other top half of his body?

This is not a con, nor a pro. However, I do not feel bad for the idiot who decided that standing right in front of the door that all the zombies are pouring out of, was a good idea.

Why is that Zombie making out with a corpse?

These are the Locals of Prypiat

The closest comrade next to the live one is thought to be shot by the zombified soldier - I thought of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. zombies; they can fire guns extremely innacurately and this guy was just unlucky.

And the top half is near the door. You can’t see him that well and I suppose he should of been near his former limbs.

They were attacked by a horde while spending the night there as you can somewhat make out many more zeds outside.