"Last stand"/"Downing" mod? Does it exist?

I mean like when you are about to die, an addon that makes you fall over for a few seconds but still be able to be helped up, kinda like in Left 4 Dead or Payday or other coop games. It’s just… Googling “gmod down system” or “gmod last stand” doesn’t give very good results. At all.

Maybe because nothing like that exists. And what is the point of this post anyway? Are you asking for someone to make one for you or what?

I just wanted to know if it existed before I try (and fail) to make one

Zoey (Magenta, Wizey, Flora. Whatever his fucking name is now.) had one for GMOD 12 but it’s lost into the abyss I’m afraid.
I wonder why no one else has done it before. It seems like it would be pretty cool to use with friends in some gamemodes or just general fucking around.