Last Stand of Two Civil Protection

The idea here is clearly that a riot has broken out, and these men are trying to hold the bridge to the Nexus by themselves. I made this for the TnB communities new CP unit that is being added. This is the first pose I have done in months.

Editing done on GIMP.
C&C please.

EDIT: Made the picture a not so huge resolution.

I like it. tho if I was one of those Civil protection guys I would have ran my ass out of there lol.
nice posing BTW.

Yay, this must be the 90th CP variant they’ve got.

Good posing! I like it.

5 CP variants.

Yellow, Normal, Normal trenchcoat, Elite CP (Red one) and what was fifth one? Female cop? Anyway nice posing and editing there.

That’s ironic, I actually did some rp exactly like this about a year and a half ago… Lettme see if I can find some images. I love your image though, It’s great.

Ahh here they are, These don’t look so great since it was actually ingame but you know… Same thing going on almost.[/media]

Media’d because I don’t want to shit on your thread or anything.

I don’t see any resemblance from Valdors picture to yours.
Not one bit.
Very nice work.

Standard, City 8, Squad Leader, Shock, Elite, Echo, Female, various others.

Medic, C18, trenchcoat, and officer. Others to the list.

Standard CP, Trenchcoat, Elite, Female, Squad Leader. That is it.

ITT: people fight about what models are in the pic, i haven’t lol’d so hard
Nice pic, if I were those CPs I’d go ahead and run/bendover.

L2R - Base, Trench, Female, Squad Leader, Elite, Division Leader, Echo, Elite Shock. Oh, there’s also an Operations Commander that I forgot to spawn.

About 4 of those have been removed from the server.