Last Stander in the Mist

Hehe, title of irony.

You need to up your AA. Otherwise I feel the background to the left is too white, I know it’s supposed to be a mist and such, I’d just imagine it’d look way better if say the building wall would gradually getting more and more hidden by the mist, if you know what I mean.

blood is kinda weak, still a cool pose though

Very realistic pose. Where’d you get that M4? [sp]My guess would be ArmA.[/sp]



Bohemia were very pissy the last time someone ported anything from ARMA and they found out (i’m talking we-sue-your-butt pissy) so i’d think it’s best we don’t even mention the game anywhere near the porting subject. sure that case was a good while ago but better safe than sorry

SO ON ANOTHER SUBJECT ENTIRELY why is there a dead cow in the middle of the street


there isn’t a cow

oh wait yeah there isn’t

Excellent pose and atmosphere!

I feel worried about your sanity. You feeling okay recently?