Last Survivor Remaining!

This is my first ever screenshot. Please tell me what is good about it and what i can improve on it next time :slight_smile:

Posing could be better, you need to finger pose the terrorist like he’s actually holding the gun.

Also, use a different blood texture as well.

Some visual effects could be handy too in the future.

Ok, Thanks for the feedback

Posing is actually pretty decent for a first post, compared to what we usually get with first posters.

The blood definitely needs work. Use this instead:

The finger posing needs work too. You should also use something other than the CS:S weapons and CTs and T’s. I’m assuming you were going for something along the lines of CS:S ZombieMod?

Not bad for a first post. You definitely have room for improvement. Nice job.

Thank you. I will go check out that website right now

Can’t really say anything that hasn’t said before, but try to find a music that actually fits with the atmosphere of the pose. An action pose such as this lacking any kind of emotion from the last survivors perspective requires something more intense and actiony than the one you picked.

I changed the song to a more fast paced type of music, Let me know what you think.