Last trip

I like it! good posing on all of them, though maybe some guns/items/scanners could be in the image to get an idea what their reason for being there is. (War, research, recovery, etc). And for the scenebuild itself, it’s not too bad. Only problem with it is the black stuff along the walls of the cave look kind of rough (the alien nests or whatever). I think it’s their shadows which make it standout. In the background there its not too bad but up close and without DoF (like on the left side), it looks too sharp.

Now that you’ve gotten pretty good with your cave type scenebuilds, instead of having flat walls of rock, try making some figures. Like adding small caves leading outside for natural light, or caverns full of foliage/skeletons, a cliff. It’ll give it some more depth, it’ll look sweet man! Keep it up, I expect lots from you :smile: Haha

Oh man, thanks for your time to write this. You improved my mood to maximal level. You are telling me what I have to improve everytime and I am glad for that. Also I will try it, my friend. I am just lazy. Again thanks, I really appreciate it. :smile: