Last update broke doors

Can’t open any doors plz fix :frowning:

I’m trapped in my LVL 6 room. :{

Destroy your sleeping bag, then F1 type kill and move on…

You probably do not need to destroy your sleeping bag as the game does not force u to spawn on it. I left my bag in my main base, respawned randomly, and built a backup/raiding base. I’m going to use my new backup base until (hopefully) locks are fixed.

This happen to me for all door locks. At least the key locked doors open, where the code locks don’t. I can’t create new keys though. Gamers on the server claim the server crashed and caused this lock issue as I was restarting all last night without issue. Gamers are saying just bust down your doors and start over. I have 6 lv6 doors, Aye yey yey.

any suggestionson breaking my lvl 6 door ? whats the best tool for this?

Extreme Patience and no sound. :slight_smile:

Confirmed. Code locks broken after server restart. They aren’t visible but the doors are still locked.

Locks are totally broken… This is really pissn people off please fix… Any other bug but this

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Alpha excuse should not be used for years

This so called “Alpha Excuse” should be used as long as the game is IN ALPHA. And people like you, who don’t understand the development process at all, should piss off.

I understand that the game is in alpha, and that this is to be expected. I also believe that the FacePunch team work extremely hard, and long hours. I am not slagging off the game or the development team, however…

I wonder why GAME-BREAKING UPDATES always have to happen on a FRIDAY NIGHT!?!

If they are releasing a BIG update, and there’s a good chance it could go wrong and break the game, requiring 2 days of server restarts and continuous wipes before anyone is able to connect, why do it right before the weekend? Why not wait until Monday morning, when most adults, (your target audience supposedly), are back at work?

Seems like my last 3 weekends now have been f@#Ked due to Friday night GAME-BREAKING updates!

You can have an alpha game, and still have stable/tested iterations that are not totally fucked… The trade-off is less frequent major updates, but is this really a bad thing when a weekly push means an additional half week fixing it? I’d rather have a stable/playable version and wait a few weeks for a major upgrade, that has been thoroughly vetted in dev region… this is simple solution… the issue is that developers are trying to appeal to peoples appetite for “new stuff” … Stability and functionality should trump “new stuff”… Developers… please have longer development iteration periods, and use the time to test.

How is exp even enjoyable for you guys? It’s SOOO boring. PvP is terrible compared to legacy. Raiding is pointless as there’s an over abundance of all resources. Not many things to craft. You already have all crafting recipes, so there’s no point in searching to learn things. No blue print to search for. No rad towns.

You essentially hit trees and make a base. There’s no points of interest. No turf warfare like in legacy.

Not saying it won’t be fun in the end, just right now it’s boring AF.

To get your stuff out of the base you’re locked at, have a buddy meet you there, jump on top of a furnace or something similar and loot your buddy while he’s above you to put the stuff in his inventory, or have him loot you while you’re on the furnace and take the stuff.

Hopefully this is fixed soon, as I’m a wandering nomad with a rock base until then, lol