Last update

The Update Last update of garry’s mod was not good for my game.
It won’t load a map the game crasses than!
What must i du!

In English?

This is happening to me as well. Normally when the map is finished loading, there is usually a crash prompt that comes along.

yeah me 2 cant play gmod anymore

They still haven’t rolled out a patch yet?

Well that sucks. :smith:

I think he said the map loads and crashes his game.

But anyway, I can still play my gmod.

I’ve been playing on DARKRP servers so, I don’t know.

Go to garrysmod/garrysmod/lua/modules

Delete everything in there.

Heres what I’d did (Though recommended for those with a lot of Patience), Simply rename your garrysmod folder to something like garrysmodx or something that you can remember that it contains the addons you use.

This would prompt a re installation of Garry’s Mod. Then one by one reinsert your addons until you come across the addon that’s problematic. Once you do, simply delete the addon or rename the info.txt to info.tx (To disable it)

I did this method and came across two addons that were broken by the latest update. I simply renamed the info.txt to make it so Gmod wont read the file until the author of the addon updates it.

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