Last upgrade this morning

Since the last upgrade this morning I was unable to play legacy Rust, it did it update thing than after kept bringing up the new rust even tho I try to right click rust in my list my the clock to bring up the legacy Rust. I was able to bring back legacy rust after going into the properties and going it to beta and telling it to play legacy. BUT then I went into play could not move at all… Went back out checked the input all my inputs were wiped out. Copied back in the config file working now but got to tell you forcing people to be your friend is not the way to make friends. Giving them choices is.

When I do this, Legacy will not launch. I opt in to Legacy beta, hit play in steam, and the game never starts.

EDIT: I needed to delete local game files for Rust off of steam, then reinstall/download the game. Now it works.

Old rust was an experiment and garrys first try at the game. It’s abandoned and not going to be updated anymore probably.

Where did you get the config file? Same problem - cannot move at all in legacy Rust.

I can’t think of many games that give players access to older iterations, or any good reason why they ought to. Isn’t FP thoughtful to include it? :downs:

Yes I understand Old rust was an experiment BUT until the get the “New” Rust figured out and when they stop providing Official servers for people to play. Until they say no more Legacy rust I will play it. If you think they are going to stop the old game ,doubt it. Many people buy Rust try to play the new version can’t. They find out they can play old rust they are happy. Garry gets 20 more bucks for pretty much doing nothing.

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I am not sure if this will work but here is a link for the config file.!109&authkey=!ABBFNEgWegQxHso&ithint=file%2Ccfg

Guys, there’s an old “bug” where flipping between legacy and the new Rust as full beta branch changes (as opposed to picking legacy from the selector that usually works when you hit play in Steam) wipes your keybinds.

Either rebind them, or verify the file integrity after switching branches. This has been happening for over a year, and it’s a glitch, not a deliberate “punishment” for playing legacy.

But did you miss the part where today they took away the option to play Legacy in the menu. They turned this off - and now you don’t have the choice of the two. Instead you need to go to settings and pick legacy beta.

Of course they did not drop the key bindings on purpose. Also, I have switched versions the past year and never lost my key bindings in Legacy Rust.