Last War (Gamemode Concept)

Hey this is one of my first ideas for a Garry’s Mod gamemode but I’m gonna need some help but before I speak of help let me give the concept.

2010… The year of Garry’s Mod’s last stand. After the 2nd Mingewar of 09’ Garry’s Mod was left with nothing more then shambles of what it once was…Then something happend… A spark from two major clans that were once enemies made a possible chance for Garry’s Mod survival. Saddly this spark was a small weld on a big picture and as we all know pictures can still burn. With a blink to the horizon a new enemy rised up with the same crazy laughter that almost ended Garry’s Mod came back from the rumble.
With the bringing back of the mingebags came a new enemy the was hushed through Garry’s Mod soft history a clan known as the Invisables has rised to start the Last War of gmod.

Way the gamemode will work(I hope):

Basically what happens is their is three waves of mingebag attacks.

1st Wave: Mingebag infantry(Basic mingebags with gravity guns on their willys but they attack with pistols)
2nd Wave: Mingebag Infatry,Mingebag Artillery
3rd Wave: Mingepods,Minge Artillery
4th Wave/Last Wave: The Invisables(You can only see they’re shadows and they attack with admin smgs)

If you’re killed you have to wait to respawn on the next wave.

You also have the ability to buy admin cannon parts.

I wish someone would make this idea I think it will be an amazing gamemode

“I wish someone would make this idea I think it will be an amazing gamemode,” JoeSkylynx.

I think the same, but I’m not that aquainted with Hammer.

I could do this, but it would take time, and really complex mapping, that’s not to say it cant be done, I’ll look into it, I’m a big WOTS fan myself…