Last matter I survive or not.

Faith in Jurrasic Park? Interesting…sending illegal messages to jungle islands now?

I’m no expert on the lighting and the model positioning and all that…but I like it. Just not sure, what is that a body of in front of the box that’s closest to Faith? I can’t tell if it’s a dinosaur or a person.

They are soldier models (I didn’t remember name), and some corpse from L4D2 models.
I only use lamp and lighting from the map and make sure it’not too dark.

You didn’t render the super dof, did you?

Lots of wasted space in the bottom, but I like it overall

I just use simple dof.

Faith has purdy hands.

I really like it. The dinosaurs are posed really well.
Would you be so kind as to tell me what map you used?

You can find map in this thread

Thank you very much Dinny.

I really like it

Lots of jaggies, like a lot.
Ruins the picture.

Those models are sexy