Last Zombie Experiments

We all know that the Zombys will go… it is sad i know, but at least we can say that we made the right ting with an critically endangered species. We made Experiments with them :smiley:

you all know this you stand up in the morning, open your door and there are thous nearly dead fuckers who just freak the shit out of you… no not old people! i talk about zomb zombs :3

well lets make some cool stuff with them, basically we need just 3 things

  1. a Cage

unbeliveble ugly i know :smiley: but hey lets go on.

  1. we need are Zombies

  2. we need is the knowledge that if a zoby triggers you and you walk away he will follow you, if ur too fast u lose them, if your to slow… dont be to slow :slight_smile:

now we combine the knowledge we have. let me tell you this. Zombys cannot go on foundations (at least not that easy) wich makes the cage good i use. its basikally a square out of foundations and it has 1 open foundation slot. now we walk across the island (no we dont need mods for that) and collekt them in the cage :slight_smile:

so what is importent to know, ramps help to leave the cage, wooden gates will stop some zombies but if there are too manny they will glicht trou the gaes.

ok no problem at all using 2 gates helps. (dont rigger all zombies and walk infront of it)

now we can start our further experiments :slight_smile:

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ok 1st. experiment: sound

as you clearly cant see im standing in the middle of that zombyhorde and i expectet unbeliveble noise, in fact, if they get too much the sound just goes off

btw. the wolfes are just for decoration

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well 2.nd Experiment is Blow Up

i simply trow some granades into the mob wich get me some good feeling :smiley: oh and i can tell that this ammount of zombys wouldnt be handable for me if i had no godmode on :confused: yeah im weak i know… :confused: but i have Ganades :smiley:

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well i go now collekt them together and if annyone has some ideas what we could experiment we try to make it :slight_smile:

btw we play on a withlisted Server and the server is empty, please dont do that on high populated servers becouse that is unfair to other players. the zombys stay in the cage and dont respawn until they get killed, freed or server gets restart (not whipe just restart is enuff)