Late 70s - early 80s Soviet soldiers

Hellooo, anyone there? I’m tired of all this modern, tacticool bullshit and want, actually need some ye olde skool Soviet soldiers from the Soviet - Afghan war era. There are no models of them at all. If someone could make them somehow, I, and perhaps the rest of the community too, would be very happy. Some reference images:

The helmets, with some modifying, could be taken from Half-Dead’s WW 2 Red Army soldiers. Don’t know about the other gear though.

Chestrigs like that can be seen on the Insurgency’s Insurgents, TF 141 has ones like that and I personally think they look best because in war the way that chestrig is ‘‘held’’ wouldn’t be really like on this picture above and then there are the CoD4 ‘‘Spetsnaz’’/Ultranationalist models. I should also mention that many wore

These hats.

Thanks for elaborating a bit.

Oh, come on!

But I’ve been researching these uniforms more then doctor says and I’ll add some more info just to make this harder for everyone. Haha :smiley:

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Not gonna let this die yet.

Me neither, these and a few Mujahideen would be Rad.

Can you give a link to those WW2 Red Army soldiers?