Late For Work

Nothing fancy but I was feeling a bit nostalgic after going through my old Calvin & Hobbes books and had 20 minutes to kill.

A small nostalgia.

lol, I remember this

I loved Calivn and Hobbes.

Still do. :3:

The good old days eh?

There’s just not as many genuinely funny comics anymore… everything’s got to be political and edgy and dramatic… or else it’s Family Circus which should have died out decades ago but which hangs on by a thread made up of sheltered old ladies.

How funny, i just finished reading my Calvin And Hobbes collection of books(3)

I remember seeing that. Such memories.

You should do this one next


I really wish someone would make some Calvin and Hobbes models. Hell if I had something to work with I’d probably recreate half the strips.

That’s awesome! Nice job.

I simply love calvin and hobbes, and menellom, that’s the most truthful statement in the history of mankind.


Now that is funnier.

Not my best work but it’s late and I’m beat (I’m not even going to try to talk it up as anything more than it is). Hope it will do until I can come up with something better :slight_smile:

^ :razz:

Thanks, like I said, if someone ever makes some actual Calvin and Hobbes models I’d be happy to do a shitload of strip recreations.

Once again, I love it.