"Late goodbye" Man stands over corpse



MasterFGH edit:

Quick pose & edit. The music might not fit, but it was the inspiration for this picture.

Nice atmosphere

Neat, just that lights behind him should make some rimlighting, or light him at least.

And that smoke is too opaque.

Thanks for the C&C, updated with version 2.

Brilliant as always Zerax, keep up the good work!

Some light effects (NO NOT LENS FLARE) on the car’s lamps would make this damn cinematic.

Oh Master, please teach me the ways of lighting effects, I art horrible at it.

I like it. Very moody. Placement of the dead guy is excellent. Love the car lights. Gave the picture that extra. Have art.

Yes, teach us

Nice posing, but I don’t like where the car is, why would he get out of his car a run in front of it to shoot him, he’d shoot him from the car.

Maybe he cares for his car, blood is a bitch to clean up

Well he ran round the wrong side, quiet far infront of the car to shoot him?

Maybe there was an argument going on? Maybe they were walking some place? I mean, come on, who really cares.

Who knows? Who cares!

Comment the editing/posing now

Awesome camera angle and depth-of-field. Really awesome. Nice posing too.

The editing is okay but… I dunno, it feels… the editing doesn’t match up to how good the rest of the picture is in my opinion. It’s okay, but not “wow”.

I noticed I haven’t.

I really like the posing, especially the angle. But as Joazzz said, I’d love some light effects!


God damnit people, stop ninjaing me

I’d rather have him let go of the gun and the shot being with the gun falling mid-air and his hand returning to default positiong (Wtf lol) and his face expression being really depressed or heartbroken

Then it would be perfect with the song.

Fucking awesome song, btw. Max Payne ftw.


I was talking to Joazzz.