"Late night at the Office" First Scene Build

C&C Please. I need to know what i have to improve on in the future
I tried to go for a sort of calming sort of scene


Scene build looks nice, what map is that btw?

Hospital from L4D. I like that awesome skybox so i decided to make this

Looks like something from L4D.

And good scene build.


Don’t post while I do damnit! :argh:

It looks nice.

Was going to say a bit dark, but I don’t know really. Very moody. I like it.

Perhaps a dim light in the ceiling somewhere. Just to add a little light, but not much.

The computer is giving a dim light. c:

Looking really… peacefull.

Awesome man.

Only thing Is the windows a tad big.

Mind uploading the original so I can edit it?


Is that an amaria industry logo on the computer?

I like it. :v:
But the low-res building and where the skybox drasitcally changes colours ruins it. :frowning:

Not bad. Low-res skybox is a little ugly though.


A Couple of touches I made:

Got rid of the ugly lit windows in the building
Fixed up the coffee mug
And fixed the color of the florescent lights

I thought it was an NPC for a second.

If you want us to judge how to get better, maybe take a picture of somebody doing something more than standing and in better lighting conditions. Looks alright for now, though.

Looks like a player to me.

Good pic, but I don’t like that lighting, just a personal preference. S’good though.