Late Night Gaming

Over-Edited it in GIMP, lol. :<
Yes I’m aware she’s on a NES, just pretend that she uh… prefers old consoles. :stuck_out_tongue:
I don’t know why I put the pistols there, probably because it just looks cool. 8)

Is that a…wooden TV?

The Posing is good, but the lightning is a bit weird, it’s better to add a bit gray-ness to that picture, cause she’s playing on a NES :smiley:

Oh god, the contrast… the AA… it burns!!MY EYES!!!

Now, seriously, up your graphics and chill out with the contrast.

Huh, I didn’t realize that. D:
I’m far too tired to go back and edit it again… >.>


But my graphics were at max. :<
For the contrast, errr, yes, I went nuts with it for some reason. D:

(grr people with sensitive eyes)

Look at the edges of the girl, they are jagged as fuck.

Now that I tooked an extra look, I can tell that you tried to make her stand out more by brighting her up with Dodge/burn, but since you didnt isolated it looks bad and jagged.


Also, was the hair edited in?

I’m not that good with gimp, so I tried but, there’s just so many mistakes I end up making, I guess I can go back and try to make her less jagged. >.>
Yes, the hair was edited in, it was actually my first attempt in doing so. o-o

Well, the hair is nicely edited, but damn when you make lighting on GIMP isolate before you dodge/burn or it will look like crap, believe me(I have fucked several picture by not isolating).

Also, here is a nice tutorial on the lighting stuff and other useful things for GIMP:

Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind!


I have /no/ idea, but it looks kind of pretty.

Nice it could have used some more people and a better angle.

I imagined this more of a “Sneaking downstairs when your parents are asleep then play video games all night” scenario, and yeah, I sort of agree on the angle thing.

Oh, I see, didn’t get the story. The angle seems better now.

Why are there guns on the games?

I once asked myself that question, but there was never an answer.
Looks kind of cool though, albeit out of place. :V

well editing looks good but the bad aa and sharpness kills everything

Turn up your graphics next time.

Is that a wooden crate you are using as a tv?