Late night shift.

Jeffrey had a long meeting that lasted till evening. He went to his desk just to finish couple of last things.
He opened a rooms door and at start he was shocked and then nicely surprised. He tought with a smile on a face: “Ben, oh you, tomorrow I will kill you
He sat down on a chair. It was so silent that you could even hear pant squeak against rubber.
He were nearly done with paperwork and were going to pack up for drive to home. To see his wife and two beautiful baby girls.

He heard stepps outside room… Doorhandle opened and in room walked in tall dark silhoutte with a silenced gun in mans hand.

Jeffrey went to his desk just to finish couple of last things… in his life ever…

*Pardon me for my poor english

EDIT: In gm_flatgrass scenebuild I could see any shadow. When all was built It was too late to do something.
Do not have licensed photoshop to draw shadows. sorry guys*

you could always try gimp/

Well put sir. Minor complaint is that his tie is falling into his torso, but no biggie.

Love the paperwork visual metaphor.

For some reason, I see an office prank.

Oh, you f*****s!

i like the twist how the dude thinks it’s a office prank but it’s actually just there so when the dude offscreen with the gun shoots him they can clean his remains up easily.