Late Nite Roleplay [BETA]

For the casual gamer

Late Nite Roleplay is a server meant for the casual gamer. It’s a place to relax and have fun with friends.

We are running DarkRP but we want to keep it as simple as possible. We also wanted to bring back oldstyle so we are running a classic map from GMod 9.

RP_BigCity_Life is the server’s map which can be downloaded here :

We are currently in beta mode so things will be fixed and tweaked here and there. We appreciate any feedback you may have.

Visit our site here:
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Full server information:
Name: Late Nite Roleplay [BETA]
Maxplayers: 24
Map: rp_bigcity_life
Server Admins: Blake & Dr. Barber


Note If the server is on and off for a next few days it’s because we are fixing something because we’re in BETA Note