Late Nite Roleplay [FastDL|Custom Jobs/Vehicles]


Late Nite Roleplay is a great server for anyone that’s looking to have a good time with friends.

It’s running on a simple DarkRP script with added jobs and custom vehicles.

It may not be the best or the fanciest server in GMod but we try our best!

I’ve already made a thread a few days ago but we’ve completely changed ourselves.

LN Roleplay is running the map: rp_townsend_v1p which is a medium sized map great for roleplay, a classic.

Visit our site here:
Join our Steam Community Group here:

IP -

Thanks! We hope to see you there! >:)

(Also we have a little incentive going for a few days. For each person you refer to our server, you get $2,000! Just see Blake in the server or

Unless I get $2,000 for real, I won’t subject myself to a generic DarkRP server.

Please… no.