Late to the Party

What map is that, or is it a Scene build?

Very impressive work mate!

Scenebuild I guess.

Impressive work.

Loving the atmosphere in this one. I feel like so many screenshots around here lack anything more than the standard in-game fog, this one has some serious smoke/haze and I love it.

I don’t think there are many effects to go with except fog in garry’s mod. One could create smoke by hiding a fire under the scene and letting the smoke go up, but the rest has to be editted though.

I put some props on a E.Y.E. map. Not sure if that counts as a scenebuild. Thanks tho you guise :excited:[/t] [t]


also fog is edited in with the gimp

Where did you get those dead body models? Are they from Dead Space?


Hunk corpse variant in this pack


You know, these are really cool screens but, if you’re going to make a bunch of related screens (at least I’m assuming that this is related to that Traversing the Old Canals screen) then you could make one continuous thread that you could keep adding to as one continuous story. But this is a neat screen, don’t get me wrong. Clearly better than most if the stuff I make. Considering I can’t do post editing worth a damn.


LOL, very impressive! I also want to play it