Latency a big issue in PVP? <-- Aussie :)

Just wondering if anyone with a ping of say > 200 is playing the game and how you are finding it. I’ve had some very bad experiences recently with Europe based MMO’s so just want to see if its worth me following this game?

Where is the server located?

I’m in Melbourne and will generally get pings of:
US West: 150-200
US East: 250-300
Europe: 400-600


It is located in Washington DC.

I don’t really find it affecting me that much. I’m from Adelaide.

East Coast… Meh come on Garry, feel like a sunny California change!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Ryven - Good to hear, which ISP you with?

I’m in Melbourne with TPG - by no means a reputable carrier for games, but have had no noticeable network lag whatsoever.