Later on down the road, it would be cool if they implemented...

a text messaging system for when you’re offline to inform you of your base being raided. lol

How is that funny?
Also, no.

This is a bad idea :suicide:

Oh please, I think it’s a great idea. It would make raiding that much more intense. As for the people complaining about being raided while offline, at least they’d have a chance to jump on and defend… What’s the matter? Don’t want the extra challenge?

No, I don’t want my phone going off every time someone sets off a c4 in/on/around my house. With the usual 10-ish doors my house has, that’s about 20 c4, and that’s about 20 text messages that I couldn’t care less about because I’m at work and can’t get on to defend anyways.

So then you wouldn’t check the box stating that you want text notifications…

This is the same argument that always accompanies the minimap threads. No one wants to play a survival game with an easy mode built in that some people will use and some people won’t, and I seriously doubt that the devs would consider something that makes the game easier. Getting raided is a fact of life in this game, if you want to know if you’re being raided, log in every 30 minutes to check.

Agreed, raiding is a fact of life in this game. I quite enjoy it. And I think I would enjoy it more if I knew while raiding, I had to be quick about it because someone may be logging on the try and stop me.

I Found this soooooo funny!

Yes lets also add spawnable weapons,vehicles,bases that you cant destroy,maps,aimbots,wallhack so everything can be easy right?

Well that escalated quickly… I keep seeing this word easy being thrown around. Whats so easy about it? It makes it more difficult to raid, and for the person being raided, how much time would lapse in between receiving a message and logging on to try and defend? Enough time for the raiders to find your body, kill it and destroy your sleeping bag? If not, then they were trash anyways.

find some friends to base with.

You sir, are a genius. Why didn’t I ever think of that… I should also make sure they’re all in different timezones to ensure someone will always be on. Man oh man, this is gunna be great!

Sounds like a good plan to me lol.

worked for me. Also build a better base.

lol. I guess you missed the part where I said I would want this for not only those being raided, but for the raiders as well. But if you’re content with raiding without any added difficulty, to each his own.

But… if you build a better base, doesn’t that make raiding more difficult? If you make a village with other players, that also makes raiding more difficult.
Best yet, don’t let raiders find your home.
There are plenty of ways to staunch constant raiding that don’t involve adding complicated new technologies and processes to a game that is already barely started.

Were you serious about this or is it a joke?

First off, “new technologies and processes”? lol Secondly, “to a game that is already barely started”? I guess you also missed the title of this thread, ya’ know, the whole down the road part… And I get what your saying about building a better base, making a village and what not. But hear me out. If you’re sleeping in your bed in RL, and someone uses an explosive charge to bust in your front door, are you going to wake up? Or remain sound asleep…

I’d wake up, probably… I dunno, I live in a condo so who knows.
But guess what? Rust isn’t RL. And I know for SURE that whether the blast wakes me up or not, I’m not going to get a text message about it from my front door.