Latest Durgz version

I’m looking for the latest Durgz version for on my DarkRP server, anyone knows the latest, working version? Or if you advertise better drugs addons then go ahead.

Also i need cigarettes, beer, cocacola for my bartender job.

Thank you in advance!

Ok how do I get the workshop file? I have an extractor for it already, but i don’t have gmod on my current PC, so how can i get the workshop file then?

Download Gmod?
Or add it to your workshop.vdf on your server.

You will be bummed when you find that the uploader of the latest durgz version is some 3 year old, who kind of fixed (Ctrl+H’ed) the mod, and added a much unneeded and vastly undesired plant growing option.

Hmm I use the one volts gave me, that one doesnt have a plant growing system tho