Latest GMod update broke GMod?



Well, my server still doesn’t work… Even after I updated.

-actually, snip.-

With the last update my server lost connection to steam server everytime, impossible to join it.

I’ve tryed to reinstall the server only with garrysmod (no CSS, TF2, … others game) and the problem it’s always here.

i got the error “Host_Error: Unexepected authentication protocol” for many of server (mine too) i’ve tryed to join.

(For information, my server is under GNU/Linux)

Yes you are :smile:

And now with the GMod update earlier (108):

Connecting to…
Host_Error: Unexepected authentication protocol 182963207!

Got same issue with my server

Host_Error: Unexepected authentication protocol 224794763!

When trying to connect any ideas?

Jesus christ calm down he’ll get it fixed eventually.

My server runs fine, thanks to a patch by Xenon servers, but the prop protection seems to have screwed up. Any entity created by the toolgun is labelled as a world entity and therefore made useless, physgun protection seems to have died as well. I hope this is fixed when Garry fixes the connection issue.

Thanks Chrisaster

Your server host will have an update fix for that :stuck_out_tongue:

Any news on some form of update that will fix these issues? Maybe garry should rollback his update and start again?

I wouldn’t say that, just please; don’t clusterfuck Garry’s Mod!!!