Latest GMStranded?

Can someone give me a link to the latest GMStranded gamemode? The project seems to be very badly organised right now and I have no idea where to get the latest version or what the latest version even is. I’d prefer a fully working version.

This is what I know, and I maybe be entirely wrong here.
I think the latest version is 2.2.1, however it has a LOT of bugs, so a lot of people switched to an older version. What I did for my server was install 2.2, then the 2.1.1 Fix3. I don’t know if it’s supposed to work that way but it does and I’m afraid of touching it. If you get any serious bugs, a server restart usually fixes them.
Version 2.2:
Stranded Model Pack:

Good luck haha

I perfer stranded 1.X better
2.X got crappy. The 1.X series still works too. Just gotta find a good version.