Latest Patch (Jan 20th) Can't Login / See Any Servers

I was on my usual server and noticed some lag in-game. I closed Rust to restart it, to find out there was a new patch. Steam downloaded it fine, I launch the game and can’t connect to my usual server. It didn’t even try to connect it automatically went to “connection failed”. Checked with the server admins, server appeared to be online.

Tried to launch the server browser, all it says is “Updating…” and never lists any servers under any of the tabs including history. I double checked and I’m not currently on the devbranch patch just regular alpha.

So, ideas?

Same problem…

The servers are being updated, chances are 3rd party servers will remain up but out of date with your client. Until they are updated, you won’t be able to connect to them as you are running a newer version than them.

Patch just went live :slight_smile: The public/community and modded servers will take a while to update.

There are servers going online now.

This one for example is allready updated

Seems like you’re pretty busy bumping your threads.

is there a link for the changelog? can’t find one…

Patch notes can be found here.

Well, everyone who checked trello some days ago knows the patch notes already. :slight_smile:

There are client and server files. Your client got updated. And the server you’re trying to connect to isn’t updated yet. Servers in the list will only show up for the version of client you are using.
Msg one of the admins and ask them to update the server so it will show in the list and then you can play on it again.

Obviously, but clearly not everyone checks trello. :wink:

rumor has it I’m updated!!!

is there any way at all i could revert to the pre-updated version to play on my server??

i’m so sorry, it’s hard to find players with this huge amount of servers that are available atm.


use your brains, at least for once in your life.
update needs to be outrolled on every fucking server, until then, WAIT and stop crying or creating such an idiotic thread

Every time there’s an update this is how it will be…

Working updated Server