Latest Rust Experimental client won't launch

Rust Launcher Error: GamerError - ShellExecute failed with code 2

This was just updated minutes ago, to content Build: 406826

Bug filed.

As a workaround, go into Steam, right-click on Rust, and in Properties go to the Betas tab and select Opt-Out. It will re-install to an earlier build that’s more stable and you will still be able to connect to all the latest servers.

UPDATE: Now fixed with latest beta client 1407

yep, I have the same…

edit: ok, delete local content and reinstalling from steam fixed it for me… all my servers have now flying trees, rocks and water level has risen bout 10meters -> sounds like time to wipe

me too, help

Same here

This ^

I tried that as well, but still won’t work unless I Opt-out from the Beta client.


same @ client and server …

Think they had some build issues that might have got partially uploaded. Last build worked so they’ll probably upload the next one. Takes about an hour.