Latest Update Broken - FEB 19 2015

Experienced a forced server restart since -autoupdate is applied to my serverstart.bat.
Didn’t seem to do anything but restart my server, so I manually updated the server.
My client game also had an update queued, so I applied that when I restarted my game.
Now… Only two servers show up in the “Modded” server list,

and when I try and connect to my server through “History” since it doesn’t show up in Modded anymore, it says that I cannot connect.

A couple of my regulars are also experiencing this problem, as well as a few server owners I am friends with.
Any solutions?

Im getting the same issue, cant connect to my server now after update, I get the same message.

Same thing happening on my side as well.

Can you connect to any server?

No I get the same error on every server I try.

Nope. Same error for ever server.

Since the update today my Server doesn’t even start anymore. I tried reinstalling the server 5 times already and still nothing. i wait for 30 minutes and nothing goes anymore.

my server pop was about 20 before update and now its 0 for the past 15 minutes so im guessing no one can reconnect to my server now.

There are four server now listed in Modded.
I’m able to connect to them.

I will attempt to force update the server again, and see if perhaps that fixes my problem.

Servers just went down without any errors. Slowly finding server by server again…

Can you connect to unmodded servers?

Because you may be using a mod plugin that’s not compatible, while the modded servers that work may be running all compatible ones (by chance).

Updates breaking mod compatibility is to be expected, so I wouldn’t be surprised.

Nope, I’ve only been able to connect to one server and it was modded.

I am able to connect to the heavily Modded server “Intoxicated Modded” without problems.
Did a force-update on my server, and it seems it has downloaded even more content.

What’s the F1 console say?

My server is vanilla and I cant no one can connect to it, there are no mods.

Whenever i start my server (without any mods) and try to connect via console it connects me to another server, but not mine.

Restarted my server again, still not showing up in my server list.

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The “Intoxicated” community seems to have it fixed somehow, as they are the only ones showing up in the server list.

Maybe they didn’t update yet.

I found a german server that had the update and works, but my server from g-portal doesn’t work at all.

It’s fixed already… Servers just went down for some reason and they had to come back up. Nothing more, it just took a while.

Also noticing now that the furnace is not creating metal fragments or sulfer… Somethings bugging out. Also the sound, which might already be known about, is flipping from time to time when i hear people shoot weapons.