Latest Version Of Nexus Needed

Hey, I can’t find the most up to date version of Nexus roleplay. I was wondering if someone could find a link for me of it because the gamemode on the server has OOC, /me, /y, /w, /me, etc. broken. Please notify me if you can, I am desperate.

Oh lawd it would be great to have this.

Strange, in my version I’ve gotten everything to work fine with minor tweaking, and I’m using 3.0E, not 3.1.

Sure you installed everything correctly?

Nexus is a gamemode pay for now a days, yaknow.

Can has?


Not if its a fixed old version :downs:

Can we have 3.0E or 3.1? We are Desperate.

people pay for any version of nexus… Fuck off. it isn’t fair to people who buy it.

People who buy it are retards.



Tried it, no luck :sigh:

What are you talking about, Nexus was released by Kuro.

This, but once again, can I have that 3.0E of yours?

I will upload a working version of nexus for you guys tomorrow, if you want proof it works take a look at the Mobius Game Servers Novus Two server.

You’ll find it in server advert somewhere.

Works for me. Meh.

0.3e haz exploits use 3.x

Kuro is a goddamn idiot for taking down all nexus servers.

My server is also in desperate need of a working Nexus. My Lua coder cant find the breaks or anything. Anybody have the fixed Nexus with minimum exploits?

Uploading My copy now, I’m not sure if the animations work but thats an easy fix.



Let’s test it.

Worth a shot! :cheers:


Oh shit, It’s working, but I can’t use / as a command prefix, I have it set to [ at the moment, anyone know how to fix this?