Latest vmf release- 150-200 vmf's in one fell swoop.

Ok, this is the latest release of my vmf’s from my old folder. There is some good stuff there, a vmf of black mesa, a few fallout maps, and some prototypes for single player maps and complex i/o systems. Use for whatever you like.

File got reported by someone, and has now been deleted, ill upload elsewhere.

New download link here:

Going to take a look.

Interesting. Sure to take a look.

You don’t mind if i fix some of these up and release, do you? I’ll credit you, obviously.

Not at all…go wild.

I love londonish, why would you decide to save two sections of road?

I’ve saved a blank map before. Usually because i expect to go back to it and never do.

I have a map that is just a single light_spot in the middle of space.

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Woah, Ark4332 is really nice.

That was released as sanctuary:

Need to remake sanctuary at some point. Maybe after 493.

I hate to be a cunt but the plot of that is just, really badly written.

I think he was going for the poetry/hard on words feel.

The plot was basically a rip off of several sci fi novels…so meh.